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Dimitrios-IliopoulosDimitrios Iliopoulos is a worldwide renowned expert in the field of drug discovery and quantitative analysis. He has developed an innovative strategy that has revolutionized and expedited the drug discovery process. This strategy has resulted in the discovery of novel drugs for cancer and auto-immune diseases during the last 8 years. His pioneering work revealed that metformin, an anti-diabetic drug, had anti-cancer properties and led to the initiation of multiple phase clinical trials.

Furthermore, he has identified that miR-124 is a potent anti-inflammatory molecule and recently a new drug activating miR-124, developed  by Abivax, showed very promising therapeutic effects on a phase II clinical trial for ulcerative colitis patients. Furthermore, he has identified the role and therapeutic potential of Lin28 in cancer, which is currently evaluated as a novel cancer drug target by Twentyeight-seven biotech company. He has received 9 international and national awards, including an Award from the American Association of Cancer Research.

Dimitrios has graduated from the Executive MBA Program at UCLA Anderson School of Management with an MBA degree and a certificate in Finance. Furthermore, he participated in Mergers & Acquisitions Executive Program from Stanford Graduate School. He has developed a novel and more accurate valuation financial tool for early-stage biotech companies, which attracted attention from top investment firms and banks.

2nd Edition of the Amazon Bestseller: Biotechnology Valuation & Investing

The selection of biotech stocks for investment is more difficult compared with the selection of other stocks and industries that possess historical data, since biotechnology is a recently new science. In the first edition of this book, we described the crucial parameters for the valuation of an early stage biotech company without a drug in the market.

In the 2nd edition, we analyze novel financial models that can value stocks of biotech companies with products in the market or products under development (in pre-clinical and clinical studies). All these parameters should be helpful to potential new investors when creating a stock portfolio that includes highly promising biotech companies.

Book is available on Amazon.

Philanthropists & foundations fund Dimitrios work

The innovative research performed by Dimitrios has been recognized and supported by philanthropists, the US government and multiple research foundations. Dimitrios work has been supported by Eli & Edythe Broad, the Melvin and Bren Simon Charitable Foundation, the US Department of Defense, NIH, AACR, the Sidney Kimmel Foundation, the Helmsley Charitable Trust, the Cancer Research Institute and the Edward Mallinckrodt Foundation.